Drawn to serve- Our Story

Jacqueline & Stacy Kamin / Artist

About a year ago, my friend Leah asked me if I wanted to volunteer at Cal Vet for Thanksgiving.
She said I could draw the veterans. I said “Yes”, and that’s how I met John Knight. He wanted a
portrait and sat for me. Once a week after that, John arranged for 3 or 4 more veterans to pose for me. And as simply as that, Drawn To Serve began. But it would never have happened without John Knight’s tireless efforts.
When my mother, Jacqueline Kamin, a professional artist as well, decided to join me, Drawn To Serve really began to grow. Every week, my mother and I looked forward to the day we got to
spend painting and drawing and getting to know more men and women veterans. We heard their stories. We discovered how they were drawn to serve. We shared our lives on these magical inspiring days.
Pretty soon we had enough artwork to have a show. That’s how my friend Daniel Gamburg , a film maker, heard about our project and was inspired to create a documentary. Since then, he’s been fully
committed to the Drawn to Serve cause.
At the same time, we learned that the veterans needed a bus. Many of the wheelchair bound
veterans at the Los Angeles Veterans Home have to wait for hours and hours for inadequate
transportation shuttles to take them back and forth from the VA to much needed medical
services. These Shuttles are limited to one or two wheelchairs at most.
We decided to start a Go Fund Me page for a bus that will allow up to 14 World War II Veterans
in wheelchairs to be transported at once. With their own bus, these heroes can be taken on group
field trips in addition to all important life-saving trips to the VA for medical attention. This vehicle will help the veterans regain a sense of freedom. Having fought so hard for our freedoms,
we owe them the freedom of the transportation they so desperately need and deserve.
These men and women have not only been a gift to us, they represent the gift of security,
freedom and love of democracy for all Americans and for those who love freedom all over the world. And so we are on the bus. Their page is https://www.gofundme.com/drawntoserve. They never kept their country waiting.
Let’s not keep them waiting. Won’t you join us and make the “Freedom Bus” a reality.


Daniel Gamburg / Film maker

There are roughly 600 thousand WWII veterans left living in the united states. Unfortunately they are dying at a rate of a 1000 a day and their valuable stories are disappearing. Last year my friend Stacy and her mother Jacqueline Kamin volunteered to help raise money for the Veteran’s home of California by painting portraits of the veterans. When I stopped by to watch them work I realized the unique opportunity I have as a filmmaker to record and tell the veterans stories. The short you just watched is a sample of the documentary testimonials that will accompany Jackie and Stacy’s portrait exhibit as it travels through museums and art galleries across the country. Each painting will have an accompanying short video showing the portrait coming to life as a veteran tells their story. We will soon be launching a Kickstarter to raise money to continue filming as many veterans as possible. If you would like to help please send us your email address and we will followup with info on how you can donate and help spread the word.